Tuesday, 20 July 2010

MUSE: Sharon Tate, Part One.

I have to talk about Sharon in two parts because it's almost impossible to talk about Sharon without mentioning the Very Bad Thing that happened to her. I do want to talk about her without going into it too deeply, so I'll just get the horror out of the way first. The worst part of that Very Bad Thing is that it robbed her of her life, but beyond that it also forever linked her with the derelicts and pathetic no-hopers who did the robbing. I always thought it was a shame that not only did Sharon not live long enough, at 26 years of age, to really make any deep imprint on popular culture, but that she would always and forever be associated with tragically lost hope, the end of the long summer of love and a bunch of nasty losers. What they did, in essence, was just kind of smush out her beauty the same way a bored truant might harrass a kitten or pull up a garden bed just for the sake of it. And now she's kind of married to the losers. It must be horrible for her family to have the family's names come up every time Sharon is mentioned.
Are you sensing my disgust? I'm not down with John Waters and the whole idea of paroling Lesie Van Houten.

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