Monday, 20 September 2010

How mini is too mini?

I don't have the lyrical, long legs of my model, Shona, but in the summer time, I like to wear short skirts. I feel free in them, and I think there's an art to getting the length just exactly right. For me, that length is mid thigh, which is long enough to not expose myself, nor spend my days hiking my skirt down out of fear of exposure, but isn't so long as to be frumpy.There are certain lengths which just seem to shear off women's legs, and make them look, leaden, stumpy. I call them "Little Dot Legs". When I see my legs looking that way, it's usually because the length or cut of the skirt I'm wearing isn't favourable.
One of the comments I get quite a bit about my range at Fall of 74 is "Oh, I love those dresses but I couldn't wear skirts that length." Comfort, psychological as well as physical is important, but I guarantee you that more women could wear a skirt over the knee and look incredible than would think so. It's funny how our own ideas of how we look are often distorted. I was very late to the skinny jean thing because I was convinced they would be like sausage casings on my legs. Once I tried them, I realised my mental picture didn't match the reality at all.
I'm working on an A-line mini for summer, which won't be outrageously short, but will have pockets. Pockets, not for storing things in, but for striding around with your hands in them. It's good for holding it all down, as well as looking cool. Something lovely about striding around with your hands in your pockets, I think.