Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The face of Twiggy.

The Whiteley family, Wendy, Brett and their daughter, Arkie.

Twiggy was the ultimate, wasn't she? Those eyes, and those freckles. I was thinking about her last night as I packed the make-up for my range shoot this weekend. My model, Shona, is uncommonly beautiful, as you would expect of a model, and such a unique face too - it seems to convey an earnest, almost childish innocence, but as a woman and mother, she is far from naive, striking a wonderful dissonance between face and character.

Anyway, you start to go a bit nuts when contemplating influences, and the model you are using, particularly when it comes time to examine the powders and pigments you're going to use to embody all your ideas, at the same time feeling as though this. is. it.

I feel a lot of pressure to get the look right, and somehow every decision seems so loaded. I stood for the longest time with a NARS blush in each hand, thinking "fresh and translucent.... or rosy". Apart from making me feel like an idiot, it's actually harder than it seems. I gave up trying to make a desicion and just crammed them both into my bag. We're not talking about trying to make my gal look like Twiggy, but a certain sense I want to capture.

I've also been thinking about wendy Whiteley, artist and wife of artist Brett. Signature dark eyes under curls. I think I'm just going to have to think of my feet while styling the shoot, and try not to overthink it all.